Access the right customers

Access the right customers

Our dedicated and centralised sales and marketing team take a proactive approach in defining strategies. 

From showcasing your property and managing enquiries to delivering the forecasted expectations for target markets and converting incoming leads. We are proud to deliver a bespoke and comprehensive service. 

International Project Marketing and Sales 

At GRED, we work with leading developers to market, promote and sell the most sought-after properties in the world. Our International Project Marketing and Sales Team provides a professional service that supports developers from the initial consultation all the way to completion. In order to achieve the forecasted sales expectations for the targeted market our professional team will guide you to implement successful marketing plans, build sales strategies and deliver sales with our local sales teams.

The way we work

  1. Consult
  2. Promote
  3. Connect
  4. Sell

We specialise in connecting developers with the right property buyers and investors in key markets. With exclusive access to a global network and exclusive channels and our own extensive database of high-net-worth individuals, we can ensure that your property reaches the right people.    

GRED focuses on developers and developments, that have a strong brand alignment to its portfolio, clients and experience.

Previous clients

GRED has worked with a broad range of developers from UK, Germany, Portugal and the USA.

We collaborate with our global network and partners to Promote, Connect and Sell

Why work with us 

  • Strong brand alignment with GRED’s properties, clients and experience
  • Global network of investors, available through GRED’s network and global partners
  • Connected with top global agencies, including Douglas Elliman (USA) and Ziegert (DE)
  • Trusted brand locally and internationally to attract and service the right clients
  • Offer strong offline and online sales channels to target the relevant client audience
  • Trained, professional and international sales team, acting as the sales arm for developers