Explore Turkey with your local expert

Explore Turkey with your local expert

We provide an extensive range of property services with our local experts, who can truly advise you when investing in Turkey. Our portfolio consists of new homes and off-market rare finds in prime locations. We can also guide you for your commercial property quest. 

Are you looking for your next investment opportunity in Turkey?  

Investing in Turkey with GRED

Between Europe and Asia, Turkey always retains an aura of mystery with its authentic geographical characteristics and inherited cultural diversity. Having the youngest population in Europe and achieving a positive economic and social development performance, Turkey has become an upper-middle-income country over the last 2 decades. 

We believe in our country and proudly represent Turkey via our global network with Knight Frank in the UK, Douglas Elliman in the USA and Ziegert in Germany. We match our expertise with global markets and foreign buyers with our outstanding local portfolio in Turkey that we have built up over the years. 


We follow the same way of doing business, ethically and corporately, as we do with our global partners, Knight Frank.

As your globally connected local expert, we are offering you the major-league of property market in our motherland Turkey. Whether you fancy a historical mansion by the magnificent Bosphorus, or a unique summer villa in the Turkish Riviera, or the most exclusive new developments for your next investment in TurkeyWe are here to help you with our client-tailored service. 

Popular cities when buying property in Turkey

  • Istanbul
  • Mugla
  • Izmir
  • Antalya
  • Bursa
  • Ankara

We are your trusted partner in Turkey with our access to the most reliable property insight and engagement with creditable developers. We follow the same way of doing business, ethically and corporately, as we do with our global partners, Knight Frank. We get the best deals because we understand the real values in the market. We know the safest spots in terms of stability and we optimise the investment opportunities for our clients. 

Popular types of properties purchased across Turkey

  • Exclusive city residences
  • Luxary summer villas
  • Bosphorus yali
  • Commercial

Turkish Citizenship by property investment

You and your family can become Turkish Citizens by investing a minimum amount of $250,000 in property. Take a look at GRED’s recommended list of new developments in Turkey that qualify for Turkish Citizenship. These are some of our trusted developers that we trust, have validated and qualify to deliver both a high-quality standard, are in prime location and are expected to make a strong return on your investment. If you are considering other developments or the secondary market, such as Villas or something more bespoke and off-market, then get in touch with our local office who will be able to best assist you.