Sell your property at the best price

Sell your property at the best price

With the right experts to hand, you can ensure that your property is sold quickly, efficiently and to the right buyer at the very best price.

Selling Property with GRED

Get the Right Advice and Support

At GRED, we’ll support you through every step of the sale process. When you choose us, you can benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

Valuation and Pricing

If you’re ready to sell a residential property, our trusted experts will make a free valuation of your property. After agreeing with you we will set a fixed price for the sale.

Marketing and Sales

Our trusted experts will develop a unique marketing strategy and plan whether on or off-market which is personalised to you and your property, ensuring that we address only the right clientele and make sure it's sold in the best possible way.


Once we’ve found a suitable and agreed buyer, the contract documents will be signed. Our team will be there for you providing expert advice on the legal side of things.


"GRED managed the sales of our property in New York and manage to close an amazing deal" - New York Seller